Obama – Friend or Foe? What are his motives for increasing spending?

by admin on February 19, 2012

I will give anyone the chance to prove themselves but after time you begin to see patterns forming in the way people will handle things.  We will not survive another 4 years of how Obama chooses to handle our nations affairs.

I found a web site, ameritianity.com, that will give you good information about our President as well as many other interesting topics on current affairs.

This particular article caught my attention, it is about Obams’s motives: www.ameritianity.com/anamericancoup.html .  It may help you understand my concerns.  President Obama actions do not support what he is telling us.

We must encourage our fellow Christians to first register to vote and then vote for men and women that will stand up for our rights and freedoms as well as reestablishing the principles that this nation was built upon.  That is what made this country great.  Since we have ignored God and His principles our nation has taken a steady downward turn which is increasing in momentum.  We must not  continue to ignore the signs of pending disaster.

We have a chance to redirect the path we are taking and make our nation great again if we take action immediately.  If you have Christian friends that refuse to vote, my book will help them understand that God expects us to keep America “One nation under God” as we once were.

Thank you for your help in this matter.  We all must do our part to educate ourselves about the type of people we are placing in Washington.  The Media, in general, is not the best source for us to use to obtain the knowledge we need to make the right choices.

Find orginizations, like the link I have provided, that support what you are interested in.  Many of these orginizations have people in Washington to help promote our interests and inform us about what is really happening.  Watch what our representatives in Washington are doing rather than what they say they will do.



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