More reasons why We can not afford another 4 years of Obama as our president.

by admin on March 19, 2012

Visit my web site: – I have just lowered the price of my book, America’s Role in Revelation, as it is important that we get this message out in time to effect this 2012 election. It was written to prove to Christians that we are obligated to turn things around in America and reestablish all the rights, freedoms, and laws that have presently be taken from us. This election can change the direction we are going or seal our fate.

If we allow things to continue, we will lose our ability to be the entrepreneurs we have worked so hard to become as well as what we are striving to accomplish in our personal and business lives. The government takeover of business, by regulations and taxation, along with the intrusion into other aspects of our lives has to stop if we intend to have the right to carry out our business as we intend too. Many of us are so involved in the development of our businesses that we have ignored what is going on in our government. We can no longer afford to do that.

Our current president has managed to increase the debt we owe from just over $ 10 Trillion to now over $ 15 Trillion in just 3.5 years!!! What will happen to us if we allow him to have 4.5 more years in office? Go to We have now surpassed our Gross Domestic Product by over $ 415 Billion and climbing. It also states that the liability of each tax payer now is over $1,041, 622 each. The people that we owe will not allow us to continue operating in this manner without consequences unless we can show them that we are willing to do what is necessary to control this problem – STOP SPENDING MORE THAN WE ARE BRING IN!!! If we cannot get into office people that will cut government spending, reduce the size of government, and free us from restrictive regulations – we will be facing taxation that will shut down our ability to do business and live life in a prosperous manner of any kind.

There is so much more that I want to share with you about this very important issue, but I cannot put it all in this post.  If you can see the worth in what I am sharing, please feel free to link this site to pass this information on to others.  My book, America’s Role in Revelation, is now available in most of the ebook formats.  It goes into more detail to help Christians understand our responsibility to save our nation.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  Eileen Townsend.

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