by Eileen Townsend on September 12, 2012

I am not saying that we the people are blameless by any means. We have allowed our nation to become what it is today – now we must turn things around before we have lost the precious gifts and freedoms that we have been able to enjoy from the beginning of this once great nation. If we do not take action and stop our current president, Obama, from the wild spending and the depletion of our rights and freedoms – we will be forced into a lifestyle similar to the third world nations. President Obama is not the only one that we have allowed to get us into this mess, but he is doing everything he can to rush this process. What is his motive? Is he hoping for a world position by destroying America?

Before you decide that I am totally off base here, I would like you to read my previous posts and examine the information I will offer to you in this post. Then compare it with what Obama has been doing to us for the past 4 years. He can no longer get Congress to support his radical requests so he is now using the power of the Executive Order to get his way. This in itself is an abuse of the intent of this powerful tool given to the president to use in case of an emergency.

There are powerful groups lead by one main group which desire to make all nations controlled by them. It has been around for centuries but most recently has come into more power and influence – The Illuminati. If you would like more details, it is truly hard to get, you can go to most larger libraries where you can find older books on this group. Other than that, they have kept themselves out of the lime light quite well. Here is a site that gives more information, in one place, about this subject than I have found in years –

<address>http://www.illuminati-news.com/moriah.com (I am sorry but this will not link – sends you to another site – if you type it in you can get there or google – Illuminati news/The Secret Order of the Illuminati.)</address>

There are more details at this site than most people can digest in one sitting, please take time to go over it as it will give you insite and references that can help you make good decisions about becoming part of the movement to save our nation.

My book, America’s Role in Revelation, will help Christians understand that we must save America from becoming part of that one-world government. If America fails, it will not only be the Christians what will suffer – we all will.

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