America’s Role in Revelation

by admin on February 21, 2011

I am the author of America’s Role in Revelation. This book was written to address the apathy I have seen in the Christian population over the past 10 years. America is a uniquely developed country saved from becoming a nation until just a few hundred years ago. That was not an accident. This nation is a gift from God and He expects us to keep it with all its rights and freedoms in tact. Our government and laws were based on Biblical principles from it’s onset and we are obligated, as His children, to reestablish all those principles that made this nation great to start with. We still have time to change the direction America is taking before it is too late. America does not have to be part of that one-world government spoken of in Revelation. I have many Biblical references to back up what I am saying.

This 2012 election is very important and we must elect good Christian people that will stop the uncontrolled spending our current president in the habit of doing and bring back the laws and principles that worked for America. I invite you to return as I will be adding to the posts as I can with other information that you will probably not hear on most of the normal new stations.  If you have questions feel free to enter the discussion. Thank you for your interest.

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